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WTM Publishing and Communications (WTM P&C) is an Australian-based publishing house that was specifically established as an independent organisation to bring scientific and public awareness to the issue of the human condition — our species’ unique capacity for both ‘good’ and ‘evil’. This independence is necessary because the scientific establishment has failed in its responsibility to address — in fact, it has studiously avoided — the true, psychological nature of our condition. WTM P&C seeks to redress this failure by communicating deeper analysis of the human condition, through book publishing and logistics, video and documentary production, website services and public relations.


The human condition is the most difficult of issues for humans to deal with because it is the subjective dimension to life, the issue of ‘self’ in fact. Nevertheless, WTM P&C is of the view that the human condition is the underlying issue in all human affairs, the stalling point in human progress and the subject, therefore, that science must now address.

Indeed, with every day bringing with it more startling evidence of the turmoil of the human situation, the issue of the human condition is really the only question facing our species, because its solution has become a matter of critical urgency. Conflict between individuals, races, cultures and countries abounds; there is genocide, terrorism, mass displacement of peoples, starvation, runaway diseases, environmental devastation, gross inequality, racial and gender oppression, rampant corruption and other crimes, drug abuse, obesity, family breakdown and epidemic levels of depression, unhappiness and loneliness. In short, the situation is now so dire the human race is, in fact, entering end play, where the Earth cannot absorb any further devastation from the effects of our behaviour, nor the human body cope with any more debilitating stress — or, most particularly, our mind endure any more psychological distress, any more alienated psychosis and neurosis. The journalist Richard Neville was frighteningly accurate when, in summarising the desperate state of our species’ situation, he wrote that ‘The world is hurtling to catastrophe: from nuclear horrors, a wrecked ecosystem, 20 million dead each year from malnutrition, 600 million chronically hungry...All these crises are man made, their causes are psychological. The cures must come from this same source; which means the planet needs psychological We are locked in a race between self destruction and self discovery’ (Good Weekend, The Sydney Morning Herald). Only ‘self discovery’ — reconciling, ameliorating, ‘psychological[ly] healing understanding of the human condition — could save us from ‘self destruction’.

In his 2012 book The Social Conquest of Earth, the biologist E.O. Wilson claimed to provide an explanation of our species’ conflicted state, when, in fact, his treatise merely trivialised the human condition as nothing more than selfless instincts at odds with selfish instincts within us. Wilson avoids what Neville has recognised above, that the human condition is a psychological issue, and as such demands a deeper, more profound treatment — and it’s the pursuit of this deeper, more profound understanding that WTM P&C seeks to encourage and promote — specifically the Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s psychosis-addressing-and-solving insight.


Man reading the book FREEDOM available from the World Transformation Movement

In 2016 WTM P&C embarked on its most ambitious project to date, to publish and launch Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s definitive treatment of the human condition, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.

‘FREEDOM’ was launched worldwide and made available in bookstores on 24 May 2016, but due to the importance of its world-saving insights, it is, and will always remain, FREELY AVAILABLE to be read, printed or shared at

‘FREEDOM’ is Jeremy Griffith’s definitive treatise on this new paradigm and has received acclaim from the likes of Professor Harry Prosen, former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, who has said: “What this book of books, in fact this greatest of all books, does is take humanity from a state of bewilderment about the nature of human behavior and existence to a state of profound understanding of our lives — understanding that drains away all the pain, suffering, confusion and conflict from the world. This is it — THE BOOK THAT SAVES THE WORLD!”

In August 2016, Transform Your Life And Save The World, a short but powerful condensation of ‘FREEDOM’ was published. Based on Griffith’s address at the launch of ‘FREEDOM’ at the Royal Geographical Society in London in June 2016, Transform Your Life And Save The World is a recommended entry to this new paradigm.

UPDATE: In June 2020 WTM P&C published THE Interview The Solves The Human Condition And Saves The World! THE Interview consists of the transcript of acclaimed British actor and broadcaster Craig Conway’s astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy about his book ‘FREEDOM’. This interview is the ultimate tool for quickly understanding — and for sharing — Jeremy Griffith’s work.

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