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Biologist/Author Jeremy Griffith & the World Transformation Movement

WTM Publishing & Communications (WTM P&C) works closely with the World Transformation Movement, a registered not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 1983, with the aims of understanding and ameliorating the human condition, the human condition being humans’ seemingly contradictory capacity for both ‘good and evil’.

In particular the World Transformation Movement recognises the breakthrough biological treatise on the human condition put forward by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith, who maintains that understanding the cause of our angry, egocentric and alienated behaviournamely a conflict between our original instincts and acquired conscious intellectis the key to rehabilitating and transforming the human race.

It is important to note here that while the subject of the human condition is by far the most important of all subjects for the human race to address and solve—it has been described by E.O. Wilson as the holy grail of the whole journey of human thought and enquiry—it is also the most confronting, for some even terrifying, of subjects. This has resulted in some prejudice and misinformation about Griffith and the World Transformation Movement’s work, and where that has occurred it has been strongly countered with rectifying clarification, which you can read about here.

You can read more about the World Transformation Movement and Griffith’s explanation of the human condition at at

Scroll down to read the Commendations Griffith’s work has garnered, and see our Projects page for a comprehensive list of Griffith’s works published by WTM P&C, including his summa masterpiece, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, which was launched at the Royal Geographical Society in London in 2016.

Commendations for the work of Jeremy Griffith and the World Transformation Movement

Jeremy Griffith’s treatise on the human condition has garnered praise from many of the world’s most eminent scientists and thinkers.

Praise for FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith

‘I think the fastest growing realization everywhere is that humanity can’t go on the way it is going. Indeed, the great fear is we’re entering end game where we appear to have lost the race between self-destruction and self-understanding the race to find the psychologically relieving explanation of our ‘good and evil’-stricken human condition.


What this book of books, in fact this greatest of all books, does is take humanity from a state of bewilderment about the nature of human behavior and existence to a state of profound understanding of our lives understanding that drains away all the pain, suffering, confusion and conflict from the world. This is the book we have been waiting for, it is THE BOOK THAT SAVES THE WORLD!’


Former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and former Chair, Psychiatry Department, Medical College of Wisconsin

‘Nothing Dr. Prosen has said about the immense importance of this book is an exaggeration. This is the book all humans need to read for our collective wellbeing.’


Professor and former Chair, Psychology Department, University of Dallas

‘The sequence of discussion in FREEDOM is so logical and sensible, providing the necessary breakthrough in the critical issue of needing to understand ourselves.’


University of Cambridge anthropologist and former President of the Primate Society of Great Britain

‘This book is actually written from a position outside of the human condition. It is just amazing; Griffith walks freely through all the psychosis of our troubled human condition and with such freedom is able to explain everything about us!’


biologist, mountaineer and twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient

Further praise for Jeremy Griffith’s treatise on the human condition

‘I am stunned & honored to have lived to see the coming of “Darwin II”.’

DR STUART HURLBERT, Professor Emeritus of Biology, San Diego State University (Response to ‘THE Interview’)

‘Frankly, I am ‘blown away’ as the saying goes...The ground-breaking significance of this work is tremendous.’

DR PATRICIA GLAZEBROOK, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Dalhousie University (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘It might help bring about a paradigm shift in the self-image of humanity – an outcome that in the past only the great world religions have achieved.’

DR MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALYI, Professor of Psychology, Claremont Graduate University (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘I am simply overwhelmed...I find it astonishing and impressive.’

JOSEPH CHILTON PEARCE, American author of ‘Magical Child’ (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘Could you please send me an extra copy of your book? [Mine] is on loan because it was so appreciated.’

SIR LAURENS VAN DER POST, pre-eminent philosopher and author (Response to ‘Free: The End of the Human Condition’)

‘a superb book...[that] brings out the truth of a new and wider frontier for humankind, a forward view of a world of humans no longer in naked competition amongst ourselves.’

DR JOHN MORTON, Professor of Zoology, University of Auckland (Response to ‘A Species In Denial’)

‘The proposal is indeed impressive.’

DR ROGER LEWIN, British prize-winning science writer and author (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘I have never heard of anything comparable before.’

DR FRIEDEMANN SCHRENK, Professor of Paleobiology, Goethe University Frankfurt (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘This is a most amazing project. It is strongly interdisciplinary, visionary and forward- looking.’

DR MARC BEKOFF, Professor of Organismic Biology, University of Colorado (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘[Professor Hawking] is most interested in your impressive proposal.’

DR STEPHEN HAWKING, world-leading physicist, University of Cambridge (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘I consider the book to be the work of a prophet and I expect the author to become recognised as a saint.’

DR RONALD STRAHAN, former director of Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo (Response to ‘Free: The End of the Human Condition’)

‘[Griffith] gives us a genuinely original and inspiring way of understanding ourselves and our place in the universe.’

DR CHARLES BIRCH, Templeton Prize winner and Professor of Biology, Sydney University (Response to ‘Beyond The Human Condition’)

‘Was Jeremy Griffith struck by lightning on the road to Damascus. Such was my cynicism. Then whack! Wham! I was increasingly impressed and then converted by his erudite explanation for society’s competitive and self-destructive behaviour.’

MACUSHLA O’LOAN, Executive Woman’s Report magazine, Australia (Response to ‘Free: The End of the Human Condition’)

‘I believe you are on to getting answers to much that has puzzled and bewildered humanity for a long time.’

DR IAN PLAYER, South African conservationist, naturalist and philosopher (Response to ‘A Species In Denial’)

‘The insights and ideas are fascinating and pertinent and must be developed and disseminated.’

DR GEORGE SCHALLER, American zoologist and author (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘A breakthrough in understanding the human condition.’

DR JOHN CHAMPNESS, Australian psychologist and educator (Response to ‘A Species In Denial’)

‘very impressive. I particularly enjoyed the primatology section.’

DR STEPHEN OPPENHEIMER, Oxford University geneticist and author of ‘Out of Eden’ (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

‘Questions of the size you raise tend to stagger me (as they do most people) into silence...What you’re doing is admirable.’

IAN FRAZIER, bestselling American author of ‘Great Plains’ and ‘Travels in Siberia’ (Response to ‘The Human Condition Documentary Proposal’)

Read more endorsements for Griffith’s work here.